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Dear Fellow Business Grower,
Stop your daily stress for a second and imagine a scenario in which you double your turnover in a few months... without increasing the costs for lead generation and marketing.

Sales would increase… you could give yourself a bonus… you would get more and more confident that your business has a solid foundation… you would not spend time off work, worrying about work anymore… you would eventually be able to 'switch off' and reap the benefits of your hard work.

Be true to yourself… do you have enough of spending your time and money on lead generation that simply does not work or cost you more than it makes you? Are you sick and tired of your pipeline just not growing the way you would want to and your ability to forecast and plan is just going down the drain? Do you have enough of drinking the 'Kool Aid' offered to you by the so called 'experts' and 'consultants' that just sell 'knowledge' and not do the work or produce more excuses then results in the end?

What if we could take the stress out of generating new business for you? How about if we set this to "autopilot" for you? With real life strategies and tactics that simply work!

Don't get us wrong, this is not a "get rich quick" approach. We know very well that lead generation in B2B is a "full contact sport" and that success does not just happen incidentally. We are real veterans in this discipline and have become smarter and better from years of experience and painful lessons learned. We have built this experience into our offering to help you move your business forward.

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Why choose us?
We pride ourselves to give you the best service in lead generation. Based on experience and with a bias for execution and results.
Operational Excellence
We generate leads for your sales pipeline. In addition, we help you to integrate customer acquisition into your daily business.
Individual approach
Every company has its individual specifics and needs. Based on our proven methodology, we create a tailor-made process for your customer acquisition.
Transparent service
We define realistic goals together. Clear key figures help you with your planning. Well-structured reports give you an overview of ongoing activities at all times.
Our services
We offer services in lead generation, targeted to one goal: help you start growing your business!
Discovery and planning
Together we will analyse your status in lead generation and pipeline growth. With our proven "f.a.s.t. ©" methodology we develop your plan for execution and KPIs (key performance indicators to measure the success of lead generation campaigns.
Campaign execution
When it comes to developing new business we strongly believe in an agile approach. To evaluate the market response to your offerings, we take a given set of assumptions and probe them with a given amount of prospects in a defined amount of time. This is what we call a campaign.
We will thoroughly execute your campaign and come back with valuable information from the field in the shape of reports based on a clear set of KPIs .
Training and coaching
Growing your business is a skill we strongly recommend you to insource.
No worries! You can use our "f.a.s.t. ©" methodology and best practices and we can train and coach your staff to make sure you get results.
What you get
A clear understanding of your lead generation approach
What works and what does not? What is efficient and what is not? How does the market perceive your new products or services? Who are the right people to talk to sell your offering? How much does a lead cost you?

We can help you find the answers to above questions.
You save your time and money
Take the guesswork out of new go to markets. If your staff is not experienced in this field the cost of unstructured "trial and error" is enormous. You will lose your biggest asset in your highly competitive daily business: your time to market!

We can help you get real results in the shortest time possible.
Sales leads while refining your approach
Is your lead generation just happening in PPT and not face-to-face with your customers? Are you having issues moving from theory to practice? Does your sales not feel like cold calling for new products?

We will call real prospects and find out how your offering is perceived. Besides valuable information, we will of course generate sales leads on the way.
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